12th Jul 2012

In California paternity cases where a Judgment of Paternity has previously been entered by the Court, there are circumstances where the found “father” later finds out he may not, in fact, be the “biological father”.  The question arises if the … more

If you are considering a new marriage but are concerned about California Community Property Law or exposure to spousal support, the answer may be a premarital agreement.  A prenuptial, or more correctly a premarital, agreement properly drawn and executed, can … more

I am frequently asked what a creditor debt collection attorney does and what he should know.  I found the following on the website Wisegeek.com which provides a good general description: “A debt collection attorney is a lawyer that specializes in matters regarding unpaid accounts. … more

In the State of California a valuable tool for enforcement of unsecured commercial creditor/collection claims is the pre-judgment writ of attachment.  This allows a creditor to obtain collection remedies (with limitations) before a Judgment is entered and may legally force … more